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Autoritratto, 2013

Autoritratto, 2013

Autoritratto (ow∙tow∙ree∙TRAT∙tow) means self-portrait. Who says ‘selfies’ can only be done via phone? Try this mixed-media collage project to make your own selfie at home.

You will need:

  • 3 self portraits on paper, all close to the same size
  • a hard surface such as a wood panel, cradled wood panel or board
  • acrylic matte medium. This is acrylic paint without the colour, and it can be used as a glue and also as a protective coating over top of your work.  (white glue can also be used if you do not have matte medium, but it is not archival).
  • bits and pieces of old artwork to collage


  1. Draw or paint 3 ‘selfies’ on paper. If you are like me, you have lots of them lying around from different art classes. You can also make 3 photocopies of the same image, and colour each one differently.
  2. Crumple each selfie into a ball.
  3. Open them up again and tear into several pieces.
  4. Find your ‘inner Picasso’.  Create a new mixed-media selfie using the torn, crumpled pieces from the original 3. Collage them onto a firm surface with acrylic medium. I recycled a cradled wood panel that was previously painted and sanded by my nipotino Vito. I let parts of his original underpainting show through, such as the blue squiggle on my forehead. We think it makes me look smart!
  5. Collage in other bits of paper. My selfie actually looked a bit creepy before I added the hair! The hair is old pieces of monotypes and lift prints on rice paper. I also added some text using photocopy transfer with acrylic medium.
  6. Add more details to the selfie with acrylic paint, ink, oil or chalk pastels.
  7. When it is done, brush on a few coats of acrylic matte medium to protect the surface. Use gloss medium if you prefer a shiny surface. If chalk pastels were used, spray with a fixative before brushing on the medium.

Ecco, fatto! Un autoritratto tecnica mista!

Ciao, Cristina