Buon Anno a tutti i miei lettori-Happy New Year to all of my readers!  2015 has been a great blogging year and WordPress has sent me some stats.  Un po’ di pepe had 5,000 views from 80 countries!  Wow, if only i could visit a quarter of them! My top 5 posts of 2015, based on the number of views were:

#5 Val d’Orcia Daytrip, about a wonderful unplanned day in Toscana with my amica Shannon and a rental car.CappellaMadonnadiVitaleta

#4 Grano Arso, about a resurfaced gastronomic tradition in Puglia that demonstrates the resilience of our contadini ancestors.


#3 Fucacoste e Cocce Priatorje, about the unique festa in Orsara di Puglia on November 1st.  This was actually reposted from Nov 1, 2014.  One day I hope to be there for this festa-but I’ll have to buy a space heater first!

Piazza San Pietro. Photo courtesy of International Photo Correspondent Donato Narducci

Piazza San Pietro. Photo courtesy of International Photo Correspondent Donato Narducci

#2 Italiano per Ristoranti-How to Pronounce your Menù, my handy Italian pronunciation guide.  This post is from June 2014.  Wordpress tells me that this means my writing has staying power and I should write more on this topic!  I’ll see what i can do. I still have to make it available as a downloadable PDF.  Oops!

Bruschetta (broo.SKET.tah)

Bruschetta (broo.SKET.tah)

and #1 Torta Caprese all’ Arancia, the delicious flourless chocolate cake recipe I posted to celebrate my Cannolo award!Tortacaprese2

In case you were wondering, my all-time most-viewed post is still Passata di Pomodoro!  Passata di pomodoro

I also wrote a few post this year that I think are were among the best, but were hardly viewed by anyone!  Here are 3 posts needing some love:

#1 I Sassi di Matera about my recent visit to the ancient city in Basilicata.  The place has a mystical, otherworldly feel about it and a fascinating history.Materasassibn

#2 Centrale Montemartini in Roma, one of my favourite Museums.  What do you expect from an archeology nerd?

Amazon warrior in front of a diesel engine

Amazon warrior in front of a diesel engine

#3 I Trabucchi del Gargano about the fascinating fishing contraptions found along the Adriatic Coast, specifically the Northern coast of Puglia
Il Trabucco Punta Lunga Mattina

Let me know which was your favourite!  Looking forward to writing more posts in 2016.

Vi auguro un nuovo anno piena di gioia e salute!  Ciao, Cristina