Chiuso per ferie = closed for holidays.  Chiuso per ferie signs can be seen posted all over Italia in summer, especially in the weeks before and after Ferragosto, the 15th of August. I was not organized to post-date anything and was hoping I could publish a few posts with only my iPad and wifi, but i give up. Un po’ di pepe is now chiuso per ferie until mid August!

I have a chiavetta internet, which until this year, I used at home with a small laptop.  I would load $ on it and use it for 1 month a year.  The technology is old and it was not a great connection anyways, making it more frustrating than useful.  I ended up wasting a lot of time, so this year, I decided to scrap it and just make do with wifi available at 3 bars in town.

Not so easy!  My wifi access usually consists of a few stolen minutes here and there. When I sit at the bar with my espressino, inevitably, someone sees me sitting there and comes over to chat, which is awesome, and much more sociable than staring at a screen by myself.  In the evening, I am usually at one of the bars, but with family or friends, so anything longer than a quick Instagram post is socially unacceptable.

One of the bars is at a crossroads, very close to my casa.  I have to walk past it to get to most of the places I need to go,  When I walk past, I walk really slowly and then I hear my pocket go ‘ding ding ding’ as all of my WhatsApp messages come in!  I read them later, and respond when in wifi again.  

I have been too busy socializing, taking photos and enjoying the fresh air in Orsara di Puglia to have time to keep up with reading blog posts, let alone deal with the technical issues of posting any.  I have been posting frequently to Instagram and a bit on Facebook.  If you want to see what I have been up to, check out my Instagram feed on the sidebar to the right.  For now, consider me chiuso per ferie! Ciao da Orsara, Cristina