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Sometimes you unexpectedly find inspiration when you really need it.  I had a bancarella at the Mercato Italiano at the Italian Cultural Centre a few weeks ago.  I was selling cartoline, incisioni e monotipi stampato a mano- cards and hand-pulled etchings and monotypes. Setting up and organizing is a lot of work, but it is always fun to meet people and discuss the art process at these events.

Last week, I was having una settimana di merda-a really crappy week….until I received a lovely and very encouraging email from someone I met at the mercato.  He had bought one of my small drypoint etchings and commented on how much he enjoyed our conversation and continued to enjoy the print-so much so that he wrote about it on his blog!

The Print MakersPhotographers should hang around artists. I’ve talked before here about the benefits for a photographer of going to art galleries and shows. If you are thinking about your craft seriously these events will get your mind churning. I am not talking about photo exhibitions. That becomes intellectually incestuous. No, I am talking about getting out amongst other graphic artists to see how people in other mediums represent the world we all share.

Take last Friday night for instance. Here in Vancouver we have a very active Italian Cultural Center and in the summer they hold a series of Italian Markets in the parking lot of the Center. Last Friday was the first market for this year. Susan and I were walking through the stalls looking at the wines, breads, flowers and crafts on display when I came upon Cristina Pepe’s booth where she had some of her hand made prints for sale…….

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Here’s to mutual inspiration!  Ciao, Cristina