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My new torchio!

My new torchio!

Finalmente!  I finally have my etching press (torchio per incisione)!  It’s a Richeson 11 inch ‘Baby press’.  I’ve been waiting to buy this bambino for a long time.  During the 2010 Winter Olympics, I ‘accidentally’ rented out my guest room to a very nice couple of lawyers from Michigan.  I decided I would use the money to buy myself the Baby press from Daniel Smith in Seattle.  I knew 3 printmakers who had one so I knew that it was small but sturdy and very well-built. I made several attempts to get one in Seattle, but something always went wrong.  One time I called ahead to make sure they had one in the store, but by the time I arrived it had been sold, another time the only one available had a dent in the press bed, another time I got stuck in traffic and didn’t make it there before closing time, and when I went to see U2 in Seattle, I was with too many other people and it was out of our way.  Uffa! I thought I would never have my little torchio and be doomed to printing with a pasta machine!

I recently found out that a printmaker I know bought a bigger press, so I asked her if she wanted to sell her bambino.  She was apprehensive at first, but I assured her he would get a good home and lots of love.  She finally agreed to the adoption and yesterday I picked him up from her studio.  It only took me 4½ years to get my torchio!  I can’t wait to use it for monotipi, punta secca and xilografia (monotypes, dry point etching and wood cut).  Grazie Mitch, Ellen and Kari!